Jelly donuts on COLD day in February

Donuts rising

Donuts rising


Donuts finished with Hershey chocolate spread and sugar coated with Raspberry jam inside!

Jelly donuts from a new recipe today turned out great!  Found the recipe for them on the internet.  It was by Mark Bittman, and can be found at  The donuts are so much lighter than other recipes that I have tried, they just melt in your mouth.  They are our reward for surviving a very cold February.  We are headed into the negative numbers tonight and tomorrow, with a high tomorrow projected to be 4 degrees!  Ouch, that is really cold!  We are very fortunate here to be in a warm place with a sturdy home to keep us that way while the winds blow outside.  Hunter doesn’t even want to be outside today.  He was reluctant to go off the porch when we let him out of the basement.

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe inside during this weather!


Here it is the middle of August, flowers blooming and enjoying the rains we have had

the past two weeks.  Jim and I celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary yesterday.

We were able to get away for supper to a nice restaurant in Mt. Airy for the evening

and enjoyed some memories from long ago.  The house was full of guests, here for a

wedding in Roaring Gap.  The bride and groom spent their wedding night in our cabin.

They seemed quite pleased with the quiet and seclusion it affords, even with a house

full of friends in the main house near by.

The Route 21 Yard Sale weekend was a great event the last weekend in July.  It ran in

conjunction with the Blue Ridge Craft Fair and brought in a large number of visitors.

Next year promises to be even better, so make your plans now to come to Alleghany

county and enjoy a great time shopping for bargains along the roadways.

Our farmers market in Roaring Gap is coming to a close in just two more weeks, at

Labor Day.  It has been a good summer so far and we are getting ready for fall- coming very

soon.  The Heritage Festival in Sparta is September 20th.  Vendors from all over will

take over Main Street with food and music as well.  Its always a great time.

Studio Tour in Sparta

June is going by quickly.  Flag Day and Father’s Day have come and gone.  The

blueberries are ripening and summer has arrived.  This coming weekend, it is time for

the Studio tour in Sparta.  It runs Friday, June 20 – Sunday, June 22nd.  There are 13

Studios open in the county for viewing.  You can see some wonderful craftsmen at work

and pick up some beautiful items for yourself or as gifts.  The tour occurs twice a year,

and will be repeated in October.  We have maps here, or you can pick one up at the

local Chamber of Commerce.  We still have a couple of rooms available for the weekend.

Come join us in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.

Iris are Blooming at Glade Valley

Here it is, Memorial Day already!  What a beautiful day to celebrate.  The iris are

blooming  and summer is finally here.  The Dutch iris on our hillside are spreading,

and will be covering the entire hillside soon.  The lilies haven’t started to bloom yet.

The pictures are of the Dutch iris and the bearded iris.  These are a variety of bearded

iris that are reblooming.  They are supposed to bloom again later this year,  we will

wait and see.  Last year  was the first year for them and I was so pleased to see them

blooming.  Many of them have a fragrance, a little different than the regular iris.

Dutch Iris on the hillside

Dutch Iris on the hillside

Reblooming  IrisAnother Reblooming Iris

Happy Mother’s Day!

Spring has really come and the grass is growing along with the weeds.  The iris have

started to bloom, as have our rhodendrons.  It is so pretty this time of year!  The cold

of winter did take a toll however, I lost several rhododendrons to the cold, as well as

camellias.  I tried cutting one camellia back to see if it might come out again.  Our huge

hydrangeas are coming out from the roots, but there is no growth on the stems at

all this year.  The butterfly bushes have shown no sign of life and I fear they are gone

too.  It is so sad to lose plants that are so well established and have done so well over

several years.  One bush has not been effected by the cold winter, that is my flame



Happy Earth Day!

Redbud Tree in our yard

Redbud Tree in our yard

Earth Day  already here, and my garden is barely getting going.  It is off to a really slow

start this spring because of the cold weather.  Tried to plant in mid March, as I

usually do, but the ground was still frozen.  The  last week of March we were still

getting snow, so I waited until April to get things in and then covered the beds up.

Now the radishes, carrots, spinach, green snow peas, and onions are coming up,

but we discovered that the wind had blown off the grow covers on two of the beds

last week.  Pulled the metal pins right out of the soil and sailed them down to the

woods!  Thus some of my little plants got burned by the 23 degree temperatures last

Wednesday morning.  Not a happy camper about that.  I am hoping they will still

come back out with time and sunshine.  So glad it is finally looking like spring will stay

for a while here.  Everything is so pretty with the flowers blooming.  I took some pictures

of the redbud tree, just as it was starting to open last week I wanted to share.




Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to everyone.  The happy part is that  we DID NOT get snow last

night like some spots to the north did.  Foggy and a little slippery on the decks, but

not snowy!

Our new flag from the North Carolina Bed and Breakfast Association has

arrived and we are proud to have it.  This flag signifies we are an inspected facility and

is one way you can be assured of quality when you choose a Bed and Breakfast to stay

at.  The association inspects every Inn before you can become a member, unlike other

organizations that simply ask for your money in turn for membership.  The association

helps us in many other ways as well, giving us opportunities to share with other inn

keepers and learn more about our business.  We are proud to fly our new flag!

Our New NCBBI flag


March is Here, Where is Spring?

Daffodils in the Snow

Daffodils in the Snow

Spring seemed right around the corner on Sunday, but winter

returned on Monday afternoon.  Today is back in the teens and

we are on another roller coaster ride with the temperature.

I am thinking about the garden and planting seeds inside

to satisfy my longing to get out and dig.  It won’t be long now

until we actually have spring coming in the mountains.

Watching the leaves come out in all the shades of green

is such a beautiful time and we can’t wait for it to arrive!


Valentine’s Day

Couples celebrating with us on a snow covered night in Glade Valley.  Each one was

greeted by a romance package.  Sparkling cider, a homemade cheesecake for two,

and chocolate truffles, made here as well, waiting in the room today.  Everyone who

booked a two night stay received the special package free.  It is available at any time

during the year,  whenever you want to add a little romance to your stay.  Book a night

soon and add the package to your stay.  image

Warm by the Fire Tonight


Sitting by the fire tonight, enjoying a cold night with the guests.  It seems that

January has been an extremely cold month.  Perhaps February will be warmer.

Hunter hasn’t been able to be out much at all and doesn’t really understand why

he  has to be in the basement all the time.  He would much rather be out in the yard,

but it’s just too cold.  It is  a great night to be quilting and enjoying the fire.



Cold night in the Mountains!

The day started at 32 degrees and gave us some sun and a little wind snow. Tonight it

dropping quickly and in the single digits!  The weatherman is predicting it will go to

below zero tonight.  I don’t think it has been this cold since we moved to Glade Valley

to build the Bed and Breakfast almost ten years ago.  The fireplace in the great room makes

it feel cozy and warm inside, even as the wind blows outside.  Hunter and Pumpkin

are both in the basement staying out of the weather too.  Looking forward to warmer

weather over the weekend.  Quite a cold start for this new year!